Business Grants for Ex Felons: Select Lending Organizations


Getting convicted for a crime is of course a social stigma that is hard to be removed; however, the life never stops and the fundamental requirements pertaining to livelihood and earning continues unabated. After the completion of the sentence and being released in the open social domain this need emerges as more dominant. The person has to start a new life together with the earning and other life appurtenances. It is rather ironic that when the felon is in dire need of a livelihood option, he is refused the most & blatantly; mainly because he is an ex convict by the court of law.

Responding to the pain of these ex convicts and help them make out a new life again, some organizations have been offering small business grants for felons (another resource to learn about the grants is here). These organizations are not philanthropic in their orientation but their initiative is to escort the people who have some fine idea and plan ready to be implemented. Simultaneously, they also take into account the potentials of the individual even if he is a felon.


Assisting the ex convicts in rebuilding their lives

Financial help is the most intrinsic requirement for making out a venture, howsoever small or petty. The felons are often provided some skills training so that they can begin with limited entrepreneurship initiatives in their new life in society. But the financial grants are generally not offered as a part of the rehabilitation process and most of them are left to arrange this component on their own. This creates the aberration and most of the times any visibly fruitful venture fails to take off. This makes the life of the ex convict further complicated as he is already facing the stigma that seldom leaves his identity and alongside the life continues to present its bare utilities.

Some organizations are particularly tagged as the ‘angel organizations; and their task is to offer the fiscal escorts towards the seekers. These organizations provide initial business grants for felons also irrespective of their past conducts after taking into account their readiness to deliver the immediate results.

Sensing the prospective viability before offering the grant

The main ingredients that are required to generate viabilities in the entrepreneurship models are the dedication and rational approach as also the necessary finances. After ascertaining the first two elements in the individual, the third one is offered by these escort organizations.

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